Start Online Spoken English Course free at Bionic Academy.
Start Online Spoken English Course free at Bionic Academy.


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BEN brings, an abundant wealth of management, talent and experience to its students through the diligent and versatile training sessions in the open & online classrooms in the English niche. Featured Online Courses are Quantum Spoken English for Beginners, Comprehensive English Grammar & IELTS 7+ Preparatory Classes.  

BEN, pronounced as /ben/ is the acronym of Bionic Education Next; whereby Bionic is the combination of Biology and Electronic, the word Next depicts the visionary approach for the forthcoming advanced learning teaching technologies in the world. Both the words are meant here to take care of the centralised theme word Education. In fact, everyday is a new Day of creating Intellectual Skills into the students at BEN. Our vision is to Let Find a New in You !

teamBionic administrator at Bionic Academy
teamBionic administrator at Bionic Academy
teamBionic administrator at Bionic Academy

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Spoken English


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Online English Courses

Online Spoken English Classes to improve your English Speaking Skills at Bionic Academy


90+ English Online Classes

Beginners • Intermediate • Advanced
Each Level contains 30 Modules where each Module is divided into 3 Sections hence producing 90 Classes in each Level. Attend classes 24x7 for 365 Days access. Classes are Bilingual: a mix of English & हिंदी Language to make the content easy to understand. Now, अंग्रेज़ी बोलिए, अंग्रेज़ी की तरह बोलिए. One Course for Everyone.

English Grammar Online Classes to prepare for all Competitive Exams


120+ Grammar Online Classes

Ambiguity to Unique Simplicity
Learn English Grammar in the Most Creative Way ever seen. ता है, ती है, ते हैं और भूल जाइए रहा है, रही है, रहे हैं. Experience the power of Mathematics & Psychology to learn English Grammar fundamentals. A helpful course for all Competitive Examinations. Clerical POs to Civil Services. Solve Objective English with the unique fundamentals & Score high.

Online IELTS Preparatory Classes for 7+ Bands in Each Module


360+ IELTS Online Classes

Listening • Speaking • Reading • Writing
Emphasis on Phonetics for Listening and Phrasals with Intonations for Speaking Module Cue Cards. Besides, step by step enhancement of Score in Writing Tasks. Learn the usage of Essential Grammatical Structures to write Task 2 for 7+ Bands. When it comes to Reading Section it's all about how to solve Questions technically. 

Spoken English Classes for Beginners

how to Start Learning Speaking English free?

Quantum Spoken English Course is one of a kind English Speaking Course to improve your Communication Skills with unique English Grammar Tips along with Phonetics to speak fluent English. Experience Spoken English in the real sense of Spoken English. वैसे यदि मैं इस Course की तारीफ़ में लिखने लगा तो पूरा Page भर जाएगा किंतु आनंद तो तब है जब आप हमारे Sample Modules को लगा कर खुद यह निर्णय सुनायें कि यह Course कितनी तारीफ़ का पात्र है. On official YouTube Channel 3 Sample Modules are given to make an Opinion b4 joining the full Course. हाँ बस इतना अवश्य कहना चाहेंगे कि हम ले जाएँगे आपको ता है, ती है, ते हैं की दुनिया से दूर एक अति रोमांचक सफ़र पर जहां ढेर सारी कहानियाँ व्याकरण के अनोखे fundamentals के साथ आपको सक्षम बनाती हैं, अंग्रेज़ी बोलने के लिए ताकि तब जब ज़रूरत पड़े तो बिना सोचे आपके मुखारविंद से अंग्रेज़ी निकले बिलकुल वैसे जैसे आप Fluently हिंदी बोलते हैं. After having an idea how the methodology works, create a free student account and choose the Course. It's also absolutely free to preview the foundation course: Quantum Spoken English for Beginners till the first 3 actual lectures. See you in the Classes!

make your mind b4 you start

अंग्रेज़ी बोलिए, अंग्रेज़ी की तरह बोलिए.

Be a part of Our 3000+ Students' Community where the new Success Stories are emerging every day with the foundation of Our Communication Skills Classes. One Course for Every One!

Comprehensive English Grammar

for all Competitive Examinations

When it comes to crack any Competitive Exam, it is worth considering the English Section which is present almost in all Competitive Examinations such as UPSC IAS HPAS CDS NDA and othres; CAT MAT XAT; Banking Exams IBPS PO/Clerical and other state government exams for government jobs as well as the most anticipated Common Entrance Exam by National Testing Agency under New Education Policy in India. Interestingly, the least scoring has been seen in the Subject English which is on the other hand must be the highest scoring section. Evidently, something is not right in the Preparation of English Section for Competitive Examinations. Let's unveil the curtain from the most innovative English Grammar Course which is far beyond the concept of cramming the sundry rules. Let's understand the Grammar fundamentals via psychological method of association supported by Mathematical Logics. It's unique what we say, it's time to experience it yourself by free Signup to our Short Crash Course: Tenses - the Foundation of English Grammar before you think of joining the most Comprehensive Course of English Grammar. Be assured to Score high in English Section of any Competitive Exam.

free Spoken English & Communication Skill Classes

Innovative English Grammar with Mathematical Logics

free Crash Course: Tenses

Sign up today and Experience the most entertaining but logical & Innovative Explanations to remeber the English Grammar fundamentals to prepare for Competitive Exams.

IELTS 7+ Preparation Online

International English Language Testing System

Sometimes, we at Bionic Academy really wonder how practising and practising of LSRW Tests only during the IELTS classes can fetch us the desired Band Scores in IELTS exams! Talk about Listening that requires Phonetics: Science of Pronunciation; Speaking that requires the knowledge of Phonetics as well as Intonation beside the Drafting Process of Cue Cards in the provided 1 minute to speak for 2 minues; Reading that requires the technical Methods to solve Yes/No/Not Given or finding Headings for the Passages or Rejection Method to solve the choice based questions or Clause Harmony to solve fill up questions; and the last but not the least Writing that requires the Food for thoughts to initiate to pen down your grammatical knowledge in Task 2 Essay while being inside the boundary of 250 words. Are you really preparing for IELTS? Join our most innovative IELTS 7+ Band Preparatory Online Classes and make most of our 9+ years research to write IELTS Exams and score high. Explanations of each Question in Listening or Reading and Drafting Process for Cue Card or Task 2 Essay are our assets. It's worth joining when you can access classes 24x7 for One Complete Year. Attend anywhere; anytime!

free Spoken English & Communication Skill Classes

Crack IELTS for 7 Each in LSRW Technically


FInd here the IELTS Procured Listening Audio Files from Cambridge Books to practise whenever you feel like to be acquainted with the accents being asked in IELTS Examinations.

IELTS Cambridge Book 01 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 02 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 03 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 04 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 05 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 06 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 07 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 08 Listening

IELTS Cambridge Book 09 Listening

free Orientation Classes

What is IELTS? Know the Current Trends & Strategies to score 7+ Bands in each Module whether it is Listening Speaking Reading or Writing. Sign up free for the Course Preview.


Best Course for हिंदी Medium Students

"I learnt Grammar step by step, commonly used phrases, advance English and much more. It really transformed my life now I can speak English fluently and also can spot errors while the others are speaking. The course added a whole new attitude to my life and I'm really grateful to have mentor like Vikram Sir!"

 Priyanka Daroch

- BSc & IELTS Aspirant

Journey from -er to -ar in Grammar

"I was always afraid of speaking English before joining Bionic Academy but now I have improved a lot and I'm not only confident but I can express myself easily. Thanks to Vikram Sir who brought such a cool course that totally changed the definition of so Called "English Speaking Course."

Kanika Sharma

- HR Manager, Tourism Industry

Psychological & Scientific Training

"मैंने कभी सोचा भी नहीं था कि English सिखाने के लिए Mathematics का भी Use हो सकता है. जैसे-जैसे मैं Course attend करता जा रहा हूँ, एक Sequence में मेरी Knowledge बढ़ती जा रही है और मेरी hesitation to speak English कम होती जा रही है. Thank you Sir for Launching it Online."

Chetan Raj

- An ITI Student

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